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Why should I use a professional genealogical researcher?

Put quite simply, a professional genealogical researcher can accomplish in days what it may take you years to uncover.

Genealogy is a hobby for many people, and it's a great hobby. The thrill of finding out your family history can be totally consuming. People have been known to spend large parts of their lives and large sums of money tracking down a mysterious uncle from days long gone.

As fun as it is, it can also incur stumbling blocks, dead-end searches, and immense frustration; and it can consume large amounts of time. In our fast-paced world, time is money.

I help you maximize your family research efforts. Think of me as a resource to help you in your search for your roots. I've been doing this professionally for quite a while. I've learned the methods and techniques that work well to uncover your missing ancestors. You can even think of me as your own private investigator -- at least where your genealogical pursuits are concerned.

Would you like some help finding your Italian Family Tree?

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